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Card Access Control

Our managed access control solution lets your company switch from traditional building keys to card access & key fobs to access the facility. This reduces the expense of rekeying and is a great way to combat problems associated with staff turnover.

Access control systems also provide the client with a wealth of data about their employees and facility. It can be used to monitor key areas where high value materials are stored and minimize inventory shrinkage. Access control is also a good way to keep employees from wandering outside of their own work space during the day, creating a distraction to other employees, which leads to increased productivity.

LionKey - Managed Access Control

Managed Access Control (MAC) is a service where we provide offsite maintenance and management of the cardholder database of the access control system. We can either host the database offsite on our data center servers or provide remote access to a server located at the client's facility. This reduces the need for onsite staff training and is a great way to combat the problems associated with staff turnover.

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