Blue Lion Systems
Providing "REAL" Security

Alarm Systems with Central Station Monitoring

Blue Lion offers the latest in alarm system technology. From motion detectors to glass break sensors - we have it all. We can install, service and monitor your system from our state of the art monitoring center.

But the real difference is how our monitoring center jumps into action when an event actually occurs. When your alarm system is activated, our monitoring center instantly notifies you as well as the proper local authorities if warranted. Since the alarm signals are transmitted and system control is through a wireless communication link - no phone lines are required for operation. Plus there are no phone lines to cut.

We also do not leave you in the dark. We provide our customers with remote control access to the security system through the use of a web interface or a mobile app such as an iPhone or Android. We give you anywhere, anytime access to your system.

How It Works


Alarm sensors are installed throughout your business and connected to your control panel. The system is controlled through a local keypad or mobile device.


Communications of system events are transmitted to secure servers using the GSM cellular network. No customer phone lines are used.


Notifications are sent via email or text message. In the event of an alarm, signals are sent to our Central Monitoring Station for police dispatch.

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