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We install and support your video surveillance needs in multiple ways. We offer live monitoring of your video events with our Event Video Monitoring (EVM) solution. We can also provide local video recording with offsite storage with our Hosted Video Recording (HVR) service. By leveraging onsite as well as offsite technology, our clients enjoy lower costs, better quality and anywhere, anytime access to their content. We can also archive your video surveillance footage via our Offsite Backup Services (OBS).

LionWatch - Affordable Offsite Hosted Video Recording (HVR)

LionWatch -Easily Archive Video with our Offsite Backup Service (OBS)
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We install and support your video surveillance system with our Hosted Video Recording (HVR) service. Video is collected at your location and then continuously transmitted via a local router to Blue Lion's server that is hosted in the "cloud". This approach gives our clients anywhere, anytime access to their video surveillance footage and the ability to add storage as their needs grow. It is the most cost effective and safest approach to video surveillance on the market today.

LionWatch -Easily Archive Video with our Offsite Backup Service (OBS)

LionWatch -Easily Archive Video with our Offsite Backup Service (OBS)
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Our Offsite Backup Service (OBS) allows us to select key cameras and redundantly record and store the video footage safely offsite at our data center. The video is transmitted to our center using the existing internet connection and does not require additional hardware or capacity.

LionWatch -Event-based Live Video Monitoring (EVM)

Event Video Monitoring (EVM) is a service where video is transmitted to our monitoring facility for response by a live operator. When one of the installed sensors at the client's facility has been triggered, the video is transmitted using the client's own internet connection to our facility. The live operator can then see the video associated with the event and determine whether additional intervention is required. If so, the client can be notified and the proper authorities dispatched.

There are several benefits to our LionWatch Video Solutions

• No DVR to Fail or Steal: When there is no DVR or other recording device installed at the customer premises then there is no equipment to steal in the event of burglary or robbery. The video is always being recorded offsite in our secure facility.

• Increased Data Integrity: Video is securely archived at our data center for a period of 30 days with longer subscriptions available.

• Lower Upfront Cost: Since less equipment is required, the upfront cost of ownership is drastically reduced. A new HVR system can often be installed for less than a store bought video surveillance package.

• Increased Access to Video: The clients video is available to them 24/7 through our web portal, local software or any iPhone or Android device.

• Maintenance Free Ownership: All of our HVR client's enjoy a flat monthly fee with no additional cost for ongoing system maintenance. If any system components fail, we repair it or replace it for free.

• Professional Installation and Support Team: Our systems are installed, supported and maintained by our professional staff.

• Monitored System Components: All of the system components are monitored by our offsite servers. Whether it be a power loss or failed camera we monitor the client's system 24/7 and can provide notification and prompt response if needed.

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