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Customer Satisfaction & Guarantees

We offer our clients a Complete Satisfaction Pledge. If you purchase a system with our company we will work tirelessly to ensure you receive our highest level of service. We will work hard until your complete satisfaction in the solution we have provided has been achieved.

Blue Lion offers a (12) month warranty on all products that we sell and install. Our standard warranty provides for repair or replacement of any component found to be defective within this period. Our standard warranty also includes onsite labor to make these repairs as needed. Warranty service is performed during normal business hours on a first call basis.

We offer a higher level of coverage to our clients for a small monthly fee. Our proactive Monitoring and Maintenance Plan provides our clients with peace of mind that their systems are working even when they are not onsite themselves to observe them.

We have the technology to connect our client's system to our Vital Sign Monitoring Server. This allows us to monitor the health and integrity of the key components of our clients' systems. Upon detecting a component failure we can send notification to our client as well as dispatch service personnel if needed.

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